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Polarisation devices

The company commercially offers custom-designed neutron spin polarisation devices based on polarising Fe-Si supermirrors with m-values up to 4.

These are either coated silicon wafers free standing, in cavities or in multiple cavities or solid state benders where the neutrons travel inside silicon wafers. The benders can be in C-shape or in S-shape. All systems can be radial.

For small and monochromatic beams, like in reflectometers, we offer systems which combine polarisation and  suppression of higher orders.

Technological features:

  • Wavelength range 2 - 25 Angstroem.

  • Maximum transmission values for benders 60% of desired spin component, for single coated wafers up to 80%.

  • Polarization >95% for C-benders, >98% for S-benders.

  • The FWHM of the transmitted angular divergence in benders is equal to the critical value of the coating.



  • Spin polarisation of neutron beams

  • Spin analysis of neutron beams

Further content under preparation...

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