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"The projects NeuGaR and WDSX are cofinanced by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag."

"The projects MOSFER and COPYSPHÄR are cofinanced by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE)."



Neutron Optics



We produce neutron optical devices for polarising,  analysing, collimating and focusing cold neutron beams.




X-Ray Optics



We offer reflection zone plates and 2D variable line space gratings for focusing and dispersing soft x-rays.

NOB offers neutron polarizing, collimating and focusing devices for neutron scattering and 2D variable line space gratings for spectroscopy of soft x-rays.



NOB supplies since 2000 neutron optical devices and starts to offer optics for soft x-rays.





Presently the NOB team comprises seven members, mostly physicists.





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